2019 Batik 5K Fun Run and Walk for Education

Reston, VA

Raise Scholarships for Indonesia at the Batik 5K

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Through this event, we are raising funds for a higher education scholarship for students in Indonesia.

Donate or become our fundraiser!! Any donation, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.  


ILUNI USA Chapter strives to promote excellence through education. The ILUNI USA Chapter Fund was founded on the belief that a lack of financial resources should not be a barrier for any determined student to further his or her education. With a very humble beginning, the Fund has helped 18 students from under-represented regions in Indonesia to attend or stay in college. 

Going forward, we would also like to support Indonesian students to be global leaders by giving them opportunities to develop a global perspective and educational experiences through numerous internships and international conferences.
The Academic Scholarships
The scholarships are awarded to students having the greatest level of financial needs who also have a proven successful academic track record. The scholarships provide individual grants to students who meet the eligibility requirements. The grant can be used for tuition costs and related supplemental educational expenses such as books, lab fees, and costs of living.
The Internship Program
We collaborate with all USA-located Indonesian alumni to curate internships opportunities in USA for Indonesian students. These opportunities will develop the students’ global understanding and help build their personal network, leadership skills, and social experiences that will complement the hands-on work in their field.
The International Conference Program
Indonesian students can present their research at international conferences. The international conferences are great events that bring together like-minded individuals in certain fields. The learning environment in a conference encourages the exchange of experiences and ideas that can increase awareness of global issues happening in each student's area of interest. These events can help open doors to future careers, and most importantly, will encourage Indonesian students to be part of the solution to global issues and problems.


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